常に新しい価値や人を見つけ出し 地域やビジネスに対して


「サプライズ」し続ける事 それが僕らのミッションです



About US “NPO Surprizu” “Not leaving it to others, do it on our own”—Founded our organization with this theme in year 2008 from Amagi (a part of Izu Peninsula) aim to revitalize our communities. Our first project was organizing cleaning activities of neighbor. The name of our organization originally comes from our passion of “Surprise Izu!” spirit. We have only 7,000 people living in deep in the mountains before towns merged into new one. We had difficult times showing our presence to society but successfully managed to find a way to register as a nonprofit corporation in October 2008. Under the name of “corporation,” we have accelerated activities which make profits ever since 2011. Starting with the opportunity that our organization was adopted by Cabinet Office to carry out the new public works projects, we have undertaking more projects such as managing a public facility to advance the development of the next generation. We are now running our organization as a “corporation,” paying corporate and consumption taxes and are expanding business to planning and designing communities. Our mission is to always challenge finding new values and people and “surprise” our communities and businesses.